How to be a Healthy Writer

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How to be a Healthy Writer

Working as a writer has a few advantages I would never want to give up. I get to choose my hours, work wherever I like, and partner up with interesting clients. Not to mention the fact I get to wear sweatpants almost every day!

But on the flip side, being a writer has some big downsides too, most notably when it comes to my health. Nearly all day long, I’m sitting down and simply staring at a screen.

As you spend more time on your writing career, you’ll start to notice these downsides becoming prevalent in your own health. But instead of letting our passion take away from our health, let’s chat about ways you can stay healthy as a writer.

Eat a balanced diet

When you’re in the middle of writing an article and your mind starts to wander and your eyes glaze over, it’s easy to crave a quick sugary fix to get your energy back up. However, if I have a sugary snack in attempts to keep myself going, I usually come crashing back down pretty quickly. Instead of sweets or junk food, keep fruits, veggies, nuts, and other healthy snacks at the ready.

Drink more water

We all know the drill: drink eight glasses of water a day. But are you actually getting in your eight glasses? If plain water doesn’t entice you at all, try flavoring it. I love adding lime juice, water enhancer, or frozen fruit like mango and berries into my water bottle.

Move every hour

Sitting at a desk and writing make for a pretty sedentary lifestyle, which can have negative effects on our health at blazing speeds. Use your phone or computer to set an alarm that reminds you to move every hour. When the alarm goes off, spend a few minutes being active! Do some jumping jacks, push ups, stretches, or even have a quick dance party to your favorite song.

Stand instead of sit

Standing desks are becoming more common as the effects of sitting all day become more obvious. Splurge on a standing desk so you have the option to stand while working. If you don’t have the budget for a brand new desk, try a portable standing desk add-on; I love the one my boyfriend got me from StandStand! Or, cheapest of all, just stack some books on your desk and create your own for now.

Save your eyes

Combat the negative effects of staring at a bright screen with a few helpful tricks. First, install the free app f.lux on your computer. It’s a free download that automatically adjusts the color of your screen to match the time of day. Then, install Time Out (Mac) or Workrave (Windows). Both of these free programs remind you to look away from your screen at regular intervals and give your eyes a break.

For many of us, writing is our dream job and we wouldn’t want to do anything else. But we can’t let the natural negative side effects of writing steal away our health or enjoyment of writing. Let’s all pledge to follow these tips and remain healthy writers!

Robyn Petrik is a freelance writer from Vancouver, Canada, and specializes in writing blog posts and social media content for creative small businesses. Along with writing, she also spends time painting on her iPad, reading, hiking, and eating too much peanut butter. You can learn more about Robyn at and connect with her on Twitter.

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