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Milana Tagirova Portfolio

Milana Tagirova

I'm Milana Tagirova, a Russian artist based in Slovakia. I am an art student, who loves to make …

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Fresh industrial designer and illustrator

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Lorin Marmion Portfolio

Lorin Marmion

Hello! I'm Lorin, a 22-year old designer originally from Buffalo, New York. I have a Bachelor's Degree in …

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Lorelei Coloma Portfolio

Lorelei Coloma

Since childhood, Lorelei has shown her deep interest in art, joining art competitions in grade school, high school …

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Tehan Portfolio


Video, Visuals, Design & More

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Jennifer Mendonca Sobral Portfolio

Jennifer Mendonca Sobral

I am a Senior at the University of North Texas in the Communication Design program. I work with …

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Autres exemples

Rayji de Guia

fictionist, poet, & illustrator

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Lisa Alvarado is an editor, copywriter, poet, novelist, and journalist. She has provided marketing and content creation copy …

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Stef Mills

Hello there! I am Stef, a Glasgow based freelance live music photographer. I am open to any and …

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Chien Truong

I am an aspiring writer and 3D artist looking for a place in the world.

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Rimsha Khalid

Content Strategist, Copywriter, Editor, Technical Writer, Proofreader

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Valentine Poiret

Instagram-La_croquise_ , compte couture Instagram-La_croqueuse_ , compte dessin

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Tobi Agbaje

Writer, Editor and Podcaster based in the UK.

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Rawan Khatib

Hi! I'm Rawan, a Videographer/Editor and Motion Graphic Designer. With over 3 years of strong experience in capturing, …

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Alissa Nardini

Creative Industries student, writer, MUA.

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Be Gracefully Known

Hi there! My name is Grace Xiong, and I am servant of Christ. I came to accept Christ …

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Karin vonKrenner

Freelance journalist with over a decade of experience working in Asia, Europe, USA and the Middle East. AP …

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Isabel Mendes

With everything I do in life I hope to be passionate, and compassionate. I believe that the first …

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A wave of becoming. Writings to touch the essence.

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The Dance Debrief

Dance reviews from Toronto and beyond.

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Danielle Pucillo

Digital Marketing Specialist - SEO | Content Writing | Organic Web Traffic | Keyword Research | Metadata

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Melissa Crowley

Hi. I'm Melissa. As a professional writer, my portfolio reflects an enthusiasm for diversity and an appreciation for …

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Stephanie Raudsepp

Artist | Bookbinder | Stationery designer

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Maxine Page

Maxine Page is a writer, reporter, journalist, editor, and on-air commentator. She has a background in news, current …

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Matthew Baldaccini

For quite awhile, I have had the opportunity to work with and help other visionaries with their artistic …

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El Scribes

El Scribes is a journalist, editor and multimedia producer with a diverse skill set ranging from editorial writing, …

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Tomoni Majarucon

Tomoni is a freelance writer and a full-time pre-law student based in the Philippines. As a child, pen …

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