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Découvrez cette sélection de portfolios triés sur le volet et créés avec Journo Portfolio. L'éventail de thèmes signifie que tous les portfolios sont différents.

Sek Han Foo Portfolio

Sek Han Foo

Legal Professional, Creative and Legal Writer, Editor and Translator based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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Fresh industrial designer and illustrator

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Femi Lewis Portfolio

Femi Lewis

I am a freelance journalist specializing in small business development and education.

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Greta Forslund Portfolio

Greta Forslund

Journalist with experience in reporting, editing, leadership and multimedia content creation. Loves spreadsheets, editing and learning about community …

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Gladys King Portfolio

Gladys King

Writer and corporate communications specialist relocating to Atlanta, GA

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This is Roberta! Portfolio

This is Roberta!

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on November 3rd, 1994. Following my curiosity, I was encouraged to …

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Autres exemples

Jabeen Waheed

I am a mid-level entertainment journalist specialising in Hollywood film/television shows, award season coverage and celebrity interviews. Please …

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Jenny Southan

Award-winning freelance travel journalist, and editor and founder of Globetrender, an online magazine and travel trend forecasting agency

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Veronica Sparks

Freelance Writer | Blogger "A word after a word after a word is power."Margaret Atwood

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Mike Hammer, a.k.a. Hib - "The Gig Doctor"

Given the continued pandemic, COVID-19, more businesses are allowing workers to work from home where applicable. When the …

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Vadim Liberman

I may not always know the right answers, but by tackling the right questions, I aim to elevate …

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Carla R. McBeath-Urrutia

Published author with most recent book How to Find and Love Your Small Space, available on Amazon. Her …

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Gabriel Marín

I am an avid writer, passionate about sports, events, and tech. I have a diverse, international, and interdisciplinary …

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Zoe Branch

Freelance writer, editor, and typewriter artist

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Jessica Woodruff - Digital Marketer

Hi there and welcome to my portfolio! In my eight years in the industry, I have achieved things …

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Carla Tensuan

I'm a freelance writer, editor, and communications specialist in Manila, Philippines. I have over 10 years of marketing …

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Kiara Lewis Harris

I am a writer and journalist who covers stories on business and education.

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Rick Chen

Breaking News and Features Reporter for Write for California • Sports Journalist and Personal Finance WriterAdditional Bylines in …

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Milos Writes

Need content for your business? I've got you coveredHello. I'm that reliable Content Writer and Copywriter you're looking …

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Kindra Cooper

Freelance journalist and copywriter

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Nicole Pyles, Content Writer, Blogger, and Social Media Pro

I am a writer, blogger, and social networker living in Portland, Oregon. I love what I do and …

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Jennifer Jones

I'm a content writer and marketer with a passion for reading, learning, and breaking down complex subjects in …

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April Maguire

A graduate of the Master of Professional Writing Program at USC, I specialize in crafting engaging content that's …

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Sam Yeoman's Writing Portfolio

Sustainability Pro. Purpose-Driven Copywriter. Environmental Journalist. Word Magician.

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Julian Jackson

I am a professional journalist and copywriter, specialising in the environment, technology and business. I have a particular …

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A freelance writer with a passion for the future of DeFi, the utility of Cryptocurrencies, and the design …

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Aleksandra Kireeva

I want people to cry listening to my songs and to think reading my words

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Liz Sniegocki

Communicator at Heart Written communication is my passion - helping others communicate is my pleasure. Browse my portfolio …

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