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A page that showcases a collection of beautiful and effective copywriter portfolio websites. These examples will inspire and guide you in creating your own portfolio.

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Cassidy Slockett

Native English Content Marketing Specialist

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Robin van Gammeren

Journalist, writer, & videographer

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Magali Minet

Expert Moderator & Storyteller

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Rosiel Mendonça

Jornalista, assessor de comunicação, pesquisador e produtor cultural atuando em Manaus, Amazonas

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Amal AlTauqi

Welcome to my portfolio! Here you'll find everything from digital magazine covers, to reviews, to exclusive interviews and more...

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Shelby Stewart

Shelby Stewart is a Houston, TX-based Dillard University + the University of Houston graduate with a BA and MA in Communications. As a copy writer and music journalist, her work …

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How many samples should be in a copywriting portfolio?

The number of samples you include on your copywriting portfolio depends largely on how much experience you have. Generally, you want a minimum of around five samples of work, so potential clients can get an idea of your style and skill. For more experienced copywriters, it's helpful to include even more to give potential clients more evidence of your abilities. Try to showcase your best work that demonstrates the quality you are capable of.

How do I write a copywriting portfolio if I have no experience?

If you have no experience in copywriting, you can still create a portfolio to showcase your writing skills and get hired. Start by gathering samples of your best written work. This can include articles you’ve written, stories, scripts, or any other type of writing you’ve done. You can also create samples specifically for your portfolio. Try writing a blog post, a website page, or a press release.

What should a copywriting portfolio include?

A copywriting portfolio should include examples of your best work, such as blog posts, articles, website copy, press releases, or other samples. Make sure to include the following information in each example: the name of the client, the type of project, and the date it was completed. Showcase a variety of topics, writing styles, and types of clients to demonstrate your versatility. Additionally, your portfolio should include an overview of your copywriting experience and any other relevant information that could help you stand out from the competition. Finally, don't forget to include contact information!

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I host my digital portfolio on @journoportfolio because they automatically create a back-up pdf of my work. Super important because stuff in the online world does just disappear sometimes.

— Jessica Michael (@thejessmichael) November 17, 2022

Re-did my writing portfolio quick with @journoportfolio (emphasis on quick) and it's much better than what I was using before. Super simple to set up and the design looks awesome.https://t.co/YGqdJf6tyf

— Ben Sailer (@bensailer) September 30, 2020

Highly recommend @journoportfolio for any of you budding young journalists who want to assemble an online portfolio.

— James Mayer (@JamesMayer) September 24, 2020

@journoportfolio is easier and cheaper than squarespace, i'm happy with it

— Hope Henderson (@hoperhenderson) October 20, 2022

My portfolio/blog got a major upgrade! I love how my articles and blog posts are on display with this website! https://t.co/PdbbzaRwUa built with @journoportfolio

— Abby Wojcik (@iamabbyn21) September 25, 2020

Are you looking to showcase journalistic work? I like @journoportfolio.

— Mark Yarm (@markyarm) September 25, 2020

I use @journoportfolio and I love it! I find it the easiest to customize https://t.co/c8EUUaRP0j

— Stephanie Nieves (@wordchefsteph) August 31, 2022